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Two For Flinching

Two For Flinching are our number 1! The first band that we have have made a connection with and with good reason, 2012 has been a great year for them, they've won Scottish Battle of the Bands, released they're debut e.p and they do play house partys! ]S[

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We've got yet more winners for you because The Age. we're the winner of Dundee BOTB and finalists in Perth BOTB, they have already released an EP but plan to release a more definitive version comming out on 28th of march this year so watch out for that and until them give them a listen! ]S[

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Forming early 2013 "Elements" have caused quite the stir of local bands to come out of the Metalcore/Hardcore scene. In their short time together they've played with such bands as Surrender The Coast, Memories and Dead! - They are currently recording their Debut EP which is looking for release in the near future. Elements have the reputation for leaving venues totally and utterly destroyed. ]S[